Ryan and Jennifer returned from their anniversary weekend trip to discover that their home was broken into and many of their valuables were stolen. They called the police and filed the report, then contacted us to file the claim. We provided them with the claim number and our adjusters contact info. Our adjuster called and scheduled a meeting with them, to review the facts of the loss, and also find out what items were stolen. Ryan and Jennifer compiled a list and approximate purchase dates and prices. They expressed concern about not having receipts, but they did have various video footage from a dinner party they had the week before. Our adjuster found the video helpful, and they were able to identify a number of items, that were no longer present in their home. Because they had a replacement cost policy, we compensated them for today’s values, and they were able to purchase new items that were lost. Among the stolen items, were a collection of music CD’s. Being that this is outdated media, they inquired about collecting this compensation to be used for something else. Since they were already paying for Apple Music they found no reason to buy the CD’s once again. Our adjuster was understanding of this, and was able to accommodate the request.

Weeks later, Jennifer and Ryan were packing to go on another trip. This time, SCUBA diving. She realized that their waterproof camera was also missing. She contacted us to see if it was not too late to be compensated for the additional item. We notified her that it was not, and connected her with our adjuster. An additional settlement payment was delivered. This is not uncommon in a theft loss. In many cases, stolen items are not recognized as missing, until you go to look for it!

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