Responsibility & Wildfires.

Where does the responsibility begin and end?

If you own your own home, you are responsible for everything from the structure and everything inside. You’re also responsible for all liability situations like slip and fall, dog bites, and even off premises situations like sports and social interactions. Homeowners insurance generally covers all of these exposures. But when you rent a home or apartment, where does your responsibility begin and end? If you are burglarized, is your landlord responsible? If you suffer a fire or water damage, is your landlord responsible? The reality is that in most cases, the landlord is not responsible. If negligence is proven, then maybe their insurance coverage will provide you with compensation, but that is not always the case. As an example, if you contact your landlord about frequent electricity surges and power outages, and they do nothing about it, a resulting fire loss may be their responsibility. However if you leave a candle burning, and it starts a fire, don’t expect the landlord to help you. In addition, if you are displaced because of a loss, your landlord is not necessarily responsible for living expenses either. If you’re reading this article because you’ve suffered a loss and your landlord is not helping, then we are sorry. There’s not much that can be done after the fact. However, if you haven’t suffered a loss and are just curious about coverage, we have great news. Our apartment insurance policies are affordable and provide protection for your belongings, additional living expenses (like hotels and restaurants when you have to move out of your home), and ample protection for liability lawsuits.

November 2018 California Wildfires

The recent brush fires in Northern and Southern California have opened our eyes to the devastation. Hundreds of structures have been destroyed, and many property owners, and tenants are currently dealing with negotiating settlements from us. We are making great progress though. Each and every client is provided with one on one personal attention. We assist with every aspect of the claims process. Helping them find a suitable place to live, assisting them with compiling claim requests for lost contents, and more. Call now before you suffer damage. Costs are as little as $12 per month. You can’t afford not to have this protection.

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