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Renters Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases coverage can start immediately.

In most cases the evidence of insurance will be delivered immediately. Your landlord can also be directed to contact us by phone for faster service.

You can pay by check (ACH Deduction) or credit card. You also have the option of convenient monthly billing. When you secure your quote, you’ll be presented with various payment options.

Unfortunately, coverage will start when your policy is bound. We will not provide protection for prior losses.

Please view the renters insurance coverage page or the sample policy for details

Most are, but there may be some limitations for Jewelry, Fine Arts, and Collectibles. Please refer to the renters insurance coverage page or the sample policy for details

If you have a covered loss, your policy should pay for hotel stays, restaurants, and more. Please refer to your policy, or visit our renters insurance claims page for details.

Receipts are generally not required for compensation, but they do help. In fact, the best way to document your belongings is with a video narrative. Make a recording of your belongings and describe the items as you go. Adjusters will have no problem compensating you for reasonable and expected items, but if you have expensive equipment and extensive collections, it would be a good idea to let us know about them so we can endorse the policy to include the appropriate coverage.

We offer replacement cost coverage, which means that if something is destroyed or stolen, we’ll compensate you the cost to buy a new item of like kind or quality. The total value of all your contents are calculated between you and the adjuster. It’s a great idea to create a video record of your belongings, to refer to after a loss.

Absolutely! Just submit a request for service or give us a call. Please remember that you won’t be covered for increasing your coverage after a loss.

Simply complete a request for service or give us a call. But we have to warn you, our support team won’t let you go so easy. They may ask why you’re requesting to cancel. And remember, if you are canceling your renters insurance because you’re buying a home, we’d love to help you with your homeowners insurance!

Absolutely! Once our coverage is made effective, we can even help you communicate with your current company to request a cancellation.

Yes, we can add your landlord as an additional insured, and there’s no charge to do so. It just means that if someone sues you for something you’ve done, your landlord may be protected with your coverage if they are pulled into the lawsuit.

There is coverage, but it’s limited, and may not be covered for everything that could happen when the items are in your home. Refer to the renters insurance coverage page and sample policy for details.

We’d be happy to include earthquake insurance coverage, but it’s not currently available online. Just give us a call to discuss the coverage and costs.

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