Jim sat on the couch in the living room of his one bedroom apartment, intently watching the Packers take on the Bears. It was the 4th quarter with minutes to go, and the score was all tied up. He was at the edge of his seat when his wife Ally called to him from the kitchen to take out the trash, which was brimming and ready to topple over. WIthout shifting his eyes away from the screen, Jim walked in reverse and scooped up the trash bag. Meanwhile, their neighbor, Mrs. Grammity, was edging along the cat walk and heading for the stairs. As Jim headed out the door to drop it in the dumpster, a misguided pass landed in the opponent’s hands and the crowd went wild. He set the bag down just outside his door and jumped back into the couch to see what all the excitement was about. Mrs. Grammity continued to creep along. Purse in one hand, teacup poodle in the other. The bag of trash was slowly shifting from an upright position to something that resembled the leaning tower of Pisa. Just as Mrs. Grammity was nearing, the bag fell over and it’s contents spilled over onto the walkway. Knowing how distracted her husband gets while watching his sports, she took it upon herself to see just how close the trash bag got to the dumpster.

As she suspected, the bag was just outside the door, and its contents were now making their way onto the path directly in front of their approaching neighbor. Ally stepped in just in time to prevent the calamity. However, you can see how this situation could have easily turned into a catastrophe. Would the landlord’s apartment building insurance have covered a situation like this? Probably not. It was Jim’s negligence that was going to cause the slip and fall. The landlord would have most likely been named in a lawsuit like this, which is why they are always requesting proof of renters insurance naming them as additional insured.

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