Earthquakes in Southern California


Earthquakes. 2015 the city of Los Angeles required that all apartment buildings be updated with retrofitting for earthquake safety at this point many buildings have not complied and are in danger of being damaged by earthquakes which would result in extensive damage and displacement of many many families. Even with retrofitting apartment building owners may be susceptible to damage from earthquakes because they are devastating and cannot be prevented in many cases. if you own a building that has soft first floor or otherwise known as tuck-under parking you are at greater risk than those with Shear [...]

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When a fire breaks out.


When a fire breaks out. We have been talking about fires a lot lately on ApartmentInsurance.com, but with the rise in destructive fires and Southern California seeing the largest deadliest fire season in decades, we feel this is a relevant topic to cover often. Most times you’re not at home, and when a fire breaks out, it is extremely destructive. Even if your belongings are not burned, they usually sustain heat and smoke damage that results in a total loss. Your belongings are usually beyond repair, and we hope that you’ve secured suitable Apartment Renters Insurance in [...]

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Renters Insurance – Major Fires


Does your renters insurance have what it takes to take on a major fire? If your apartment building is destroyed in a fire, will your renters insurance replace your contents, and reimburse you for the costs of living expenses? Since the landlord is not necessarily responsible for your belongings or living expenses, it is imperative that you have coverage that will replace your contents and provide you with the funds needed to live in a hotel and eat in restaurants until you can return to your home. The first part of our renters insurance covers your contents. [...]

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Responsibility & Wildfires.


Responsibility & Wildfires. Where does the responsibility begin and end?If you own your own home, you are responsible for everything from the structure and everything inside. You’re also responsible for all liability situations like slip and fall, dog bites, and even off premises situations like sports and social interactions. Homeowners insurance generally covers all of these exposures. But when you rent a home or apartment, where does your responsibility begin and end? If you are burglarized, is your landlord responsible? If you suffer a fire or water damage, is your landlord responsible? The reality is that in [...]

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Fire Damage


Fire Damage. That candle that you thought would create a nice romantic atmosphere, has really killed the mood when you fell asleep with it still burning. It doesn’t take much for a fire to start, and when it does it does not wait for anyone. Your home is filled with all sorts of flammables, and fire spreads quickly. Our clients Steven and Amy recently reported a claim to us from exactly this situation. An anniversary dinner and drinks led up to an intimate encounter. We’re not sure if it was the drinks or afterglow that [...]

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Dog Bite


Dog Bite. Your precious little puppy has never bit anyone, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. When provoked, instinct takes over and anything can happen. A common occurrence is when someone is trying to break up a dog fight, and their hand gets caught in the middle. Canines’ protective nature may result in a dog bite liability claim. Our client Randy experienced this situation when his dog escaped from his grasp and went after another dog, walking with his owner. His dog Ranger had never shown signs of aggression, nor had he ever bit [...]

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Water Damage


Water Damage. Lunches Packed? Check! Breakfast Served? Check! Kids out the door and off to school? Check! Dog is fed? Check! Plants are watered? Uh Oh! In our busy lives, we try to keep everything in check, but sometimes we get so distracted, we might forget that the houseplants you put in the bathroom sink to water, has now overflowed. It happened to our client Kathy. The daily routine is chock full of responsibilities. Kathy was in a hurry to get those chores accomplished so she could meet up with her walking group before they [...]

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Liability. Jim sat on the couch in the living room of his one bedroom apartment, intently watching the Packers take on the Bears. It was the 4th quarter with minutes to go, and the score was all tied up. He was at the edge of his seat when his wife Ally called to him from the kitchen to take out the trash, which was brimming and ready to topple over. WIthout shifting his eyes away from the screen, Jim walked in reverse and scooped up the trash bag. Meanwhile, their neighbor, Mrs. Grammity, was edging [...]




Theft. Ryan and Jennifer returned from their anniversary weekend trip to discover that their home was broken into and many of their valuables were stolen. They called the police and filed the report, then contacted us to file the claim. We provided them with the claim number and our adjusters contact info. Our adjuster called and scheduled a meeting with them, to review the facts of the loss, and also find out what items were stolen. Ryan and Jennifer compiled a list and approximate purchase dates and prices. They expressed concern about not having receipts, [...]